Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I think that I'm really going to like my job. It was a really good day. Of course I sat in a room all day and listened to about 10 different people speak. I at least like the company, I'll find out later if I like the unit.
It's so funny, that I have been off for how many weeks now and haven't felt like doing much of anything, I came home this afternoon and had tons of energy. Imagine what my house and wardrobe should look like if I had had this much energy for last couple of weeks. I did laundry, took out the trash, did dishes, and hemmed some pants. Plus picked up some odds and ends. I hope I have more energy tomorrow.
Hopefully Eric will get the car back tomorrow, finally. I love being able to drive my car again. It's just much easier to drive than the truck. There is nothing wrong with the truck, just my car is mine.
I watched Oprah's Big Give. Oh my, how I cried. It made me really think about what I could do to give some things back. I was given a great opportunity to go to school to get my RN degree. I was very fortunate to work for a company that paid for my education and in return gave me a guaranteed job for two years, of course longer if I wanted. But the two years was the contract for the education. I of course also had lots of help from my parents by giving me and Morgan a place to live and helping out with other things like helping get Morgan where she needed to be on the days that I had early classes, or late classes and clinicals. My sister for also helping out with Morgan. I still did work full time until my last year of school when, my now husband, offered to help me with my bills so that I could focus more on school because it was so much more and harder. I didn't have to use his money but it was definitely a comfort knowing that it was there. The same way with my parents. I think that I asked for gas money one time in the 4 years. Although I didn't take cash they did pay for groceries and a roof over my head. I helped out with cooking and cleaning, when I wasn't in school, working or studying.
What upsets me most about the time that I was in school, was that this opportunity was open for any employee that worked here. Two girls that I worked with, instead of taking advantage of getting the education, applied for habitat for humanity houses and got them. Our company was a nonprofit and needed to donate, ended up donating enough money to pay off their mortgages and appliances. So they are still working at the same jobs and now have brand new homes completely paid for. Oh well, enough about that.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I start back to work tomorrow. I've been off now for about a month. I really haven't worked since November. It's going to be so hard getting up and getting ready to sit in class all day for the next five days. It will be so nice though to get a paycheck again. I have been so lazy, I haven't felt like doing anything. Then of course it's going to be in the 60's this week when I can't enjoy it.
Nothing else is exciting enough to write about.