Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wow, Christmas is over already and we're in to 2009. Last year flew by. I am praying that this year will be a happier and healthier year for all of my family and friends. We have so much to look forward too already. I have a big move to Atlanta and we've been looking at lots of houses trying to find the right one. We're also hoping that our house will sell soon. I'm looking forward to all the new challenges that are coming our way. My dear daughter will be ready to get her learners permit by the very end of this year. Everyone on the road in December, please watch out! We will be getting a new addition to my husbands side of the family, a new little baby boy! I'm so excited! I've got to get started on the gifts! I've also joined a gym in hopes of being able to get a bit healthier before our move to Atlanta, and in the process lose some much needed weight! I am also planning on thinning out my closet, by putting things on ebay. My sister has been doing this and its working great for her. I have so many purses and shoes, that I have decided I can not purchase any more until I sell some. I have also decided that I am going to try to make all of my clothes this year. Notice I said "try". I would like to get a small business of sewing on the side and maybe turn that into a full time business. I love to sew. I want to design my own line. The movie "The Women" is so inspiring. I just love the line that Mary designs in that movie. I know that I can do it, its just setting my goals and getting my priorities in line to make it happen.
I hope that everyone has a great 2009 and I hope you all reach everyone of your goals!