Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Almost 8 Months!

Wow! Time flies when your busy! I'm hardly ever on here anymore!
So what have I been doing? Chasing Lillie! That's right! She's on the move! She started crawling and pulling up the week she turned 6 months! 2 weeks later, she decided to sit up by herself! That same week, she got her bottom two front teeth which popped through the same day!

(run, run, run! that says it all!)

(getting all stretched out and ready for the day! haha!)

She now has 3 teeth and is walking around holding on to everything! She's already had her first busted lip and several bruises! She's just a rough and tough nosey little girl!

(see those teeth!)

As far as food goes, she'd rather not have it! 

(ewwww, green beans! yuck yuck yuck!)

( mom, i still can't believe you gave me green beans!)

 But if she has to eat, her favorites are blueberries and sweet potatoes.

(more please!)

 But don't give her oatmeal, she throws up! I mean really throws up! Everything, til she can't throw up anymore, then she's just completely worn out. It's just so sad. We've done this twice before we figured out that it was oatmeal. And when I eat peanuts she breaks out in severe eczema!

Now this little seat is WONDERFUL! It packs up just like a bag chair! It's called a go-pod by kidco, and we love it! That's the only way I can keep her in one spot!

And I've been doing ALOT of this!

I love, love, love using our Bum Genius cloth diapers! They are just so easy to use! And they're just so darn cute on her and the clothesline;)

She loves bathtime!

(especially in granny's fabulous sink that mommy really really wants but will never get one like it!)

And so did her momma at that age!

(this was in my granny's sink!)
(don't we look a bit alike?)

She also loves her big sister! And I just adore them both!

(but honestly, how could you not just adore these two beauties!)

Lillie loves the pool!

So, I've been very busy! Can't you tell?

And one more, just because it's too cute not to!

And this is how she is 99.9% of the time! I'm so blessed!