Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

House Number Planter

I'm so bad about taking before pictures. I need to get better at that! I would love to do tutorials on some of the things that I make, but I get involved and forget to take pictures of all of the steps.
Anyway, here is the after pictures of my house number bucket that I did!

I printed off the numbers on card stock and cut them out to make stencils.
I painted a galvanized bucket that I already had with some hammered copper spray paint that I already had.

Then I traced the stencils with a sharpie and painted the numbers with navy paint.
I then sprayed the bucket with a sealer. Drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and planted flowers in it!

I just love it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet Rosie:)

Rosie is my helper. She is a great helper.

She loves wearing new clothes.

(a new dress that I made last week from fabric from my stash)

She loves being a model.

(the shirt was made from a man's shirt that I bought at the Goodwill! I just love it! and the skirt was made from some linen that I had in my stash. Don't you just love the rolled flowers!)

She's the best model that I have! She's not bossy or moody. She never complains or gets lazy. She's always right there and ready when I need her! I really need to find a photographer or a real model! But I do love Rosie and she is great at what she does! She's much better than I am! Especially when I have to be the photographer and the model!

(the shirt was made from a long sleeved top that I've had in a box of winter clothes for a while now that I haven't worn in a few years! the skirt was made from some knit that I had in my stash!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm sponsoring a giveaway!

Have you ever been to see Karen at Sew Many Ways? If not you really should! Trust me! It's so worth the time! But first you better grab something to drink, something to snack on, and a pad of paper and something to write with! She has soooooo many ideas for everything! And they are all inexpensive!
She has been hosting Sharing on Sunday on her blog for four weeks now. I offered to give one of her readers something of their choice from my etsy store!
So if you've never been you should go! And while you're there enter the giveaway!
I'll be back tomorrow to show you some of the sewing that I've been doing this week!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My "new" red cake plate!

Today I went to the Goodwill here in town, and I love it there! It is so neat and clean! And it smells good! Everything is organized by color:)
But my favorite find today was this.....
it was only $2.00!

When I saw it, I just had this idea, why don't I paint it red! Now I have a red cake plate to match all the other red cake plates in blogland!

I used the red paint that I already had!
I only painted the outside so that I can still use it for food:)

This is a cloche that I got 50% off at Hobby Lobby! I just love that store! And I have a new love for garden cloche's.
Also while I was at the Goodwill, I scored a few really nice men's shirts!

One of which has already ended up into a .......

skirt! for me:)
It's so cute! I can't wait to make more! I wish I had better photos, but I can't take them of myself and Mr F just doesn't get into it!
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Turkey Sloppy Joe's

Last night we had turkey sloppy joe's for dinner. They were yummy! I found a recipe for the sloppy joe sauce on all recipe's. Then I made hamburger buns from scratch! They were perfect and soft and just tasted so good!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Field trip!

Today I went on a "field trip" with the garden club! We went to a daylily garden that was just gorgeous! There were so many that I couldn't even begin to choose which would be my favorite:)
I have such a great time with these ladies! And every time we get together I meet someone new. I'm not sure that they know how therapeutic they are for me. It's so nice to get out and do something fun like that.
I think about my Little E all the time. Constantly. But I'm doing ok, mentally. I only have a few breakdowns a week now instead of everyday. We got the autopsy report back, and he was completely normal. There is no reason that can be found for what happened. So we'll try again, after I get straightened out. Tomorrow I go for a gallbladder ultrasound. My liver enzymes are still elevated and so is my cholesterol, which is all new since the birth. If it is my gallbladder then it will be removed to fix the problem. If its not, then a liver biopsy is next. I'm praying its my gallbladder, much easier to fix:)
You can see the rest of the photos that I took in my picasa album to the sidebar.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New in Etsy!

I've added something new to my etsy store. Its been empty for a while now, but I'm trying to get it going again. So for the past few days I've been making things to get it going again. I've decided that I'm a pretty crafty lady and there is no reason that I shouldn't put some of my many talents to use and make a little spending money while I'm at it! Besides I do have a very nice embroidery machine, plus a few more sewing machines, sitting around here!
This is what I've got in there so far......

They are made from flatware that I found at a thrift store, then I took wire and bent it around in different ways and hand stamped the letters onto aluminum flashing. I can stamp anything you want!
I'm not finished adding it all to the store yet, but I had to give you all a peak!
Hope you are having a good weekend! Mr F was in a bike race today, it was almost 100* and I was almost melting just sitting in my chair! I couldn't imagine peddling a bicycle for an hour!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A few more things to add to my list!

Since I finished up my siggy blocks so quickly I've decided to add a few more things to my list of things to do!  I'm not buying anything for these projects, I'm using up some of my stash!
First I'm joining along on Amandajeans quilt along. My strips are already cut and waiting to be sewn together!
Then I've just decided to join Karen for her snowball quilt along. I have a figgy pudding charm pack that will be perfect for this! I can't wait to get started on this one too!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My first flower show!

This weekend was the Hydrangea Festival and it was so much fun! I helped out with the judges breakfast on Saturday morning.
I entered a daylily in the flower show. The very first flower show that I've ever even been to. And I won First Place! I was so amazed! I can't wait til next year!
Of course, Mr F asked if the scones that I made influenced the judges in any way ;)
I went on the garden tour of several homes around town. There were some amazing gardens! I got lots of cute ideas for my own garden!
On Friday night we went to the Hydrangea Ball and had a great time!

The ball was at Le Jardin Blanc and it was just magical!
We took more pictures than what I have posted, but they came out blurry.

Mr F had to have our picture made beside of the antique Porche. Boys and their toys! He would love to have one of his own! Maybe one day.
That is the dress that I made!  I even made Mr F's tie! And here is a shot of the back of my dress.

I'm looking forward to next year!

Hey Ya'll!

Last week Mr F had a business meeting in Savannah, and I got to tag along! We had a great time! We stayed in a cute little hotel on Tybee Island. We were able to spend some time on the beach, even at night!
I found a cute little quilt shop, Sew Much More, while Mr F was in his meeting. And of course I had to come home with some souvenir fabric!
The salesman that was at his meeting took us to dinner one night at none other than The Lady and Sons! And I'm sorry to say that Paula was not there, neither were Bobby or Jamie!

This was as close as I came to Paula! I really wanted to buy a set of her measuring spoons and cups, but I didn't have a couple hundred bucks to spare!

The food was great!  And the best lemonade ever!

The view from our 3rd floor table!

After we left the restaurant we walked through downtown and saw a few kids running through the water, wish I was still a kid cause it looked like lots of fun!

The next day we took a trolley ride through Savannah. It was beautiful!

The oldest tree in Savannah.

This is the restaurant that was in Something to Talk About when Julia Roberts was in her pj's yelling at Dennis Quaid.

This was one of my favorite houses! I just love the door!
I can't wait to go back!