Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Friday, September 24, 2010

My mom is having a Giveaway!

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! 34 years tomorrow!
And for her anniversary, she is having a giveaway on her blog! 
So go check it out! And good luck!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Best Buy has lost me forever!

That's right! Best Buy has lost me and my family as customers FOREVER!
Last week, I took my laptop (which I did not buy there) in to be repaired by the Geek Squad. I purchased it online through Dell about 3 years ago. I've been very happy with it. But the battery stopped charging and then last week it was not getting any power at all. So I thought since I live 5 minutes from Best Buy, I would give them my business, instead of dealing with the hassle of shipping it back to Dell. BIG MISTAKE!
First of all, I keep all of my embroidery designs and photos on jump drives. The Geek Squad tech wanted me to purchase an external hard drive to back up everything, but only the things that I already have copies of. So I declined. I payed $35 to ship it off. This weekend I got a call from someone telling me to call the store that I dropped the computer off at and they would give me an estimate. The estimate was $285 for a new power source and a new hard drive. My hard drive was just fine when I took it in. My husband took over at this point, he knows more about these things than I do. No one could tell us anything about my computer except that it was not in front of them and that I could call this number and find out something. Our only questions were "What was wrong with the hard drive?",  and "Was it recoverable?". How else were we to make an informed decision? If I had to start over from scratch then it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a new computer. But with each person that we reached, we got the same answers, "Your computer is not in front of me, I'm not sure where it is." "Can we speak to someone who has seen our computer or can you get a message to them?" "No, we can't do that, we never talk to them and they will not talk to customers."
So my computer is on its way back to me, my husband will fix the power problem and if I need a new one, it will NOT be purchased at Best Buy!
I just feel like this is very poor customer service. We should be able to get our questions answered. It's almost as if they expect you to not have questions and just spend your money because they say that you should. But Best Buy you came across the wrong customers this time!
My daddy has always said that he did not like Best Buy and would not go back there. He and my mom bought a new refrigerator and dishwasher there and both were duds! It's not the fault of the store, just the appliances. I guess I'm with my daddy on this now, no more Best Buy for me either!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Truth Is......

The truth is.....
that I'm a liar.
that I'm not always as ok as I may say that I am.
 that it's easier to just smile and say that I'm fine.
that I'm terrified every day that I'm going to do something to harm this baby that's growing inside of me.
that I miss my baby boy every second of every day.
that there is not a day that goes by that I don't cry for my baby boy.
that some days I cry harder than others.
that I look at his picture and kiss his little face everyday.
that I cry myself to sleep most nights.
the nights that I don't cry myself to sleep, I lay awake and think of him.
that I don't think my husband knows any of this, because I haven't told him.
that its been 5 months since I gave birth to my sweet baby boy and it seems like it was just yesterday.
that when you go through something like this you find out who your true friends are.
that the ones that I so desperately want to talk to about all of this doesn't seem to be there.
that I fill my days with lunches and outings with the ladies from the garden club just so that I'm not thinking.
that sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy.
that sometimes I feel like I'm the bad friend.
that I don't want to feel like this.
that I am not writing this for sympathy, I just needed to write.
that I probably won't answer any of your comments.
that I miss my family.
that I miss me.
that I now know what to say to someone going through this.
that its better to say something than nothing at all.
that I have friends who still have not spoken to me at all, or when they did speak they never mentioned it.
that sometimes that is what hurts me more.
that I'm not angry with God.
that I'm sad, but not angry.
that I thank God every day for the blessings that he has given me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My First Trunk Show

My friend Karen, is having a wine tasting party at her house. She has made some homemade blueberry wine, Yum! Although I won't be tasting any for quite some time! She's also making some delicious, risotto (this I will definitely be able to sample) !
Anyway, she has asked me if I wanted to display some samples of my work to sell! I'm so excited! Maybe I'll be able to make some spending money for Montreal!
I'm hoping that this will be the first of many trunk shows for me:) After all, it is getting close to Christmas and time to start thinking about presents!

So these are just a few pictures that I have on hand, but I'll be doing some more bags of different sizes, embroidered towels, and burp cloths (after all I need to put that embroidery machine to good use!).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I can't wait!!

Mr F has a business trip coming up in October, and like many of his trips I get to tag along! Of course this isn't going to be one of those boring trips like it usually is or one of the trips back home that I always tag along so that I can see my family while he works. This trip is going to be so exciting!
We are going to Montreal! That's right! Montreal! We will first be flying into Burlington, VT! Vermont in the fall! I've always wanted to go there and now I get to! He has vacation days that he is going to use at the end of the trip so that we can do some of the touristy things. Besides it's not often that my husbands job takes him anywhere other than the east coast and a few mid west states, never out of the country!
After meeting Mary on my last trip, it makes me look at vacations a little differently! I start trying to remember which bloggers live close by where I'm going and would I be able to meet someone!
So let me know if any of you live close enough that we might could meet up!
Even if I don't get to meet any bloggy friends, I'll still come home with some great pictures, Vermont Maple Syrup and probably some fabric!:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This post comes with a warning!

Warning: before you read this post I have to get a few things straight! I am in no way prejudice or judgemental or scared of someone with a life threatening disease. This post is written just because this was just too funny not to share! Please remember that I am a nurse and I know how to protect myself from certain diseases and therefore I am not afraid to go to the grocery store or Target for fear of catching something!
Last night, my dear Mr F called me from PA where he is on a business trip and asked me to meet a man and his wife at Target with an item that he sold them on craigslist. I'm not a person that scares easily, so I told him I would, especially since its a man and his wife. He told me what they would be driving and we were to meet in Target parkinglot. Target here is always busy!
So the said pickup truck pulled in beside me and there were two men in the truck not a man and wife. The man got out and came toward me, slurring his words like Otis on The Andy Griffith Show! "You must be Eric's wife". We made our exchange and then for the next 20 minutes I stood there deciding how I was going to kill my husband!
First of all, this man was probably about 6'4", slender with a beer gut, long greyish red hair in a ponytail, dirty blue jean cutoffs, a t-shirt, muddy workboots with dirty white knee socks. And he wreaked of pot and alcohol!
He proceeded to tell me that he had the f#@&ing Aids! (everyother word was the f word)! He continued, "Are you afraid of my f-ing Aids?, Can't you tell I have the f-ing Aids?, Don't you see the f-ing A on my forehead?, Aren't you scared to stand there, won't you catch my f-ing Aids?" All the time I was just looking at him thinking how can I get back in my car and leave. The other guy was standing beside his truck talking on his phone.
I told the man that I was a nurse and no I was not afraid of him and his Aids. His response was "Why can't you teach that to the rest of the f-ing world!" He has been HIV positive for 20 years. Which is amazing! He then told me that his wife of three years was also HIV positive for 20 years. Then, "We've been married for three years, we got married 1month and 2 weeks after we met. Do you have a f-ing problem with that if you do you can kiss my f-ing a$$!" Me, "No I think its wonderful that you two have each other." All the time thinking I'm divorcing my husband!
He then told me that he had been arrested 4 different times for DUI's when he wasn't drinking, it was his Aids meds, but that he was only arrested because the f-ing redneck cops around here know he has Aids and is trying to punish him for that.
He tells everyone within 5 minutes of meeting them that he has Aids. He said that he tells people in the grocery store checkout line that he has Aids, because it is his mission to educate people about Aids.
His friend finally got in the truck cranked it and started to back up, that is how I got away!
I'm sorry, but if it is his mission to educate people about Aids, he has no idea how to do it! I was not scared of the fact that he had Aids, I was scared of the fact that he was being absolutely obnoxious, drunk, and high.
I called my husband and told him a few choice words, and I will not be helping out with anything that he chooses to sell on craigslist ever again! We would be getting divorced had he sent the man to our house!
I can laugh about this today, but last night I couldn't!
I should add that I had just come from a memorial service and was still dressed up!