Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, we had a good weekend. Eric went to his bike races, on Saturday he came in 18th out of more than 40. Today he came in 4th. Not too bad considering this is the first race of the year and his first in about 4 years or more. And he doesn't get to train like he should or would like to. Morgan had her very first volleyball game on Saturday. They did lose, but they played hard and they did well. I'm very proud of both of them. Our weekends are very busy with some kind of race or game all spring.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!
We celebrated on Sunday evening with a fabulous dinner at Summit Restaraunt. Tonight I've made a nice dinner and it will be just the two of us here at home, with cards and candy. Eric will be racing all weekend so we are just going to rest tonight.

Monday, February 11, 2008

More car problems. We still have not gotten Eric's car back from the body shop yet. So he drives my car when he has to go to school, but he drives the truck to work. Tonight while he was gone to school, I had the truck to take Morgan to volleyball practice. I dropped her off, usually I stay, but I came back home tonight, half way home it started making a noise and then the oil light came on. I made it home and it finished leaking oil out on the garage floor. My mom was coming through town so she stopped and picked me up and took me to her house so that I could borrow her truck. On the way through town I saw the oil spill. It was about 4 feet wide for about 1-1 1/2 miles. Oh and the oil filter fell off the truck into our driveway. Eric took it very well.
Well, I have a job. Two of them in fact. I was offered the position in Christiansburg and I start March 3. I was also offered a travel position at Mary Washington and I start Mrch 10. I really don't want to leave my home, but it is only for 13 weeks, every other weekend, so its really like I'm only there for 6 trips. Time will fly by. And the money is great. It will give us extra money for a really nice trip when Eric graduates. Gardening season will just be starting when I'm done and by the time I start most of the winter weather will hopefully be gone. I'm really excited to have a job again.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I am so lucky to be married to my husband. He is so good to me. I take him for granted a lot of the time and I get jealous and upset over the amount of time that he puts into school and riding his bike. But riding his bike is his only enjoyment besides me. After being with a friend that while we were out together for about 4 hours, her husband called her like 10 times just checking in to see where she was and what she was doing. Made me appreciate the fact that my husband completely trusts me and I know that I can completely trust him. He is truly amazing.
I'm also lucky to have the family that I have. I love my daughter very much. I am hoping that these teenage years fly by and we can become friends again. Right now I'm the mom with the new husband and we live in the house with rules. And she does not like that. She would much rather spend her time with her dad and his family. I'm just praying that one day soon she will start to miss me and want to be here. I have wonderful parents. They have always been there for me. My dad works so hard. He would help anyone with anything. My mom works hard and is very talented and creative. They have built a beautiful home together and have won many battles. My sister has such a kind and beautiful heart. She has a wonderful family that she and her husband are doing such a good job taking care of.
The Lord has truly blessed me with such a wonderful family.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

It has been beautiful here. Almost hit 70 one day, but in the 50's-60's mostly. I've been searching for the right job. I had the interview on Tuesday and the manager told me that I had the job, but I haven't heard from HR yet. So just in case I'm still looking.

But in the mean time, I have been working on some projects. I have embroidered some pillow cases.

And I have been working on a quilt. I saw it on another blog and made my own pattern. It's going very quick and easy.

I'm having breakfast tomorrow with Charity. I miss her so much. She's the only thing that I liked about CNRVMC, and few other people, but sorry to say not enough to ever want to go back there.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If you go to and sign up you will get a $10 gift card to Target, Best Buy, Sephora or $5 cash. If you put in my email as a referral I will get the same thing. Then you can pass it on to others to get referral rewards as well.
God answered a prayer today, as he does so often for me and my family. I went for a job interview and was offered the job. I just have to wait for HR to call and officially offer me the position. It is day shift and I will be able to get some ICU experience. I really liked my boss.
My sister started a blog today. She is so excited and I'm excited for her. She is trying so hard to change their spending habits and has become very frugal. Her blog is going to be devoted to being frugal. She has also turned me on to a few new blogs, some of which make money with their blogs. I'm very intrigued by them. I'm trying to decide if its something that I want to do. I'll keep you posted.
My mom and dad have an adorable dog named Frankie. He has been gone for a few days, sometimes he will do this. My dad found him at the edge of the woods, he is dragging his hind legs. He's not cut up or looks like he's been in a fight. And he's not acting like he's in pain, he just has a sad look in his eyes. They are taking him to the vet.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Well, I finished the quilt top. I just need to quilt it now. This will be the perfect time to practice on my mom's quilting frames. It's going to be the perfect lap quilt for me and Morgan to fight over when we're watching tv.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

It has been a beautiful day. I have cleaned and opened all of my windows to let in some fresh air. It's amazing how much better you feel on a day like this. I've done so much cleaning today that I have almost worn myself out. So I'm taking a rest to be able to have some energy when Eric gets home. We're having a great steak dinner, I even bought out the fine china.
Well, me and my big fat mouth. I thought that I was doing the right thing. I really don't want to go back to night shift, so I asked my boss again about going to day shift. She said not until the fall. So I told her that I was going to be looking for something dayshift just so that she would not be surprised if someone called her for a reference. She told me there was no need for me to comeback since I was on orientation, she did not want to pay me. So I'm jobless. Eric says that he is not mad, but I think he really is. I have applied to about 10 different places. Hello, I thought there was supposed to be a nursing shortage. There are 2 jobs that I really want. I'm just praying that something will come through soon.
So yesterday after applying and searching for a job, I spent the afternoon working on a quilt and feeling a little sorry for myself. I should be able to get the whole quilt top finished today. I can't wait. Maybe this week I'll work on making some interview clothes and the pair of jeans that I've been wanting to try but been afraid to.