Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just couldn't help myself

Wow 3 posts in one day! Can you tell I'm stuck here at the house by myself? I've just done so much today that I couldn't wait to share it all!

While I was in VA this past week I found me a nice little treasure :) I love baskets and I just fell in love with this picnic basket! And I had just the right embroidery design to put on the liner that I made for it. When I saw it sitting there, before it decided to come home with me, I had the vision of what it would look like. And it looks just like I visioned!

Don't ya just love it? Look at those cute little ants! I can't wait to go on a picnic now!

What I did today

I like my aprons to be full aprons. Only because I tend to make more messes up top than down below. And I have several half aprons and I saw a makeover for them here. This is one talented lady! You have to go check out her blog! So I found this top on the clearance rack at Target for $4.98. And at first sight I knew it would be perfect!

I cut the sides and removed the back. The back of the neck had the cute little ties already so I left those in place.

And then I added the apron that I had made about a year ago.

Then I found this t shirt at Target for $4.98 as well. Go here to see my inspiration for this tshirt makeover. She has so many makeovers that are just too cute!
I started cutting before I took the picture, woops!

I shortened the waste line and made the neck opening a little bit bigger.

Then I took some of the left over fabric from the neck and made a rosette. I also had some green jersey left over from another project a long time ago, so I added a rosette with that.

And I bunched some up in a line and sewed it across the bottom of the left side.

I have a few more tshirts that are going to be madeover this week too!

Where have I been?

This last month has been a busy one! We spent labor day at Callaway Gardens for the hot air balloon festival and Mr F competed in a triathlon. We had a great time! I've spent quite a bit of time in VA with my family. This past weekend we were in Massanutten VA for a get together with Mr F's friends from high school. So much fun!

But then we came home to some sadness. Of course late Monday night while driving home we had no idea what had been going on here. We were rerouted a few times for roads being washed out and when we finally made it home there was no power. We were very fortunate, so much more than so many other families. Atlanta, GA was hit by some major flooding. There were so many homes lost, roads washed out, and several families lost some loved ones. Like I said we were so fortunate, I have to boil my water before I use it, but I do have a dry home with power and water and all of my belongings.

New items in Etsy!

I have been working hard on getting some things made for my etsy site. I've let it go empty for far too long! Go here and check out my listings!