Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well we are back from Jamaica, and we had a wonderful time!! I will post some pictures a little later. But first, on my porch waiting for me to open them when we got home last night were my new Anthropologie shabby sheets that I purchased on ebay. So first thing this morning I washed them all up and hung them out on the clothesline in the beautiful sunshine.

Then while I was doing that I noticed that the yearly Tractor Run was starting up this morning. This is a group of farmers that get together and parade there tractors through town. Last year there were about 75 tractors that went by my house. This year I think there were more. It was so much fun to sit on my front porch and see them all go by. Some of them had wagons to pull thier families along with them. Only in the country would you see something like this.

We're off to go school shopping. I'll post pictures from Jamaica later this evening.

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