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Saturday, February 13, 2010

First round of potholders finished!

These are the potholders that I made for the potholder swap. I hope my partner likes them! She said that she liked orange and green. The quilting was done by mom on her new Babyloc quilter. (see mom, I told you I would give you the credit!)

It was a secret swap, which made it lots of fun! I will receive my potholders from someone other than who I'm sending these to. I'm so excited and can't wait to get mine! And I'm gonna sign up for the next swap as well!

Now on another note. Has anyone elses blogger changed any? When I'm posting, I don't have spellcheck anymore and the way the pictures are uploaded is different. And I don't like it!

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Amy said...

I love whirlygigs! I like the pattern on the back too--neat idea! I think you did a great job with (in my opinion) a tricky color combination! Lucky mom to have a new quilter!