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Friday, March 11, 2011

Dress A Girl

I am participating in the Dress A Girl sew a long over at Little Big Girl Studio.
You can learn more about Dress A Girl Around the World here. I completely agree, every little girl should have at least one dress! My Lillie has a closet full already and she's not even here. So this week I've put sewing for Lillie and the house on the back burner and started sewing for other little girls that I've never met, and probably never will. So far I've finished three dresses. I've prayed over each of them for the little girls that will receive them. Who knows, maybe these little girls will do great things!

I can see me making more of these in the future!


Anonymous said...

sooo pretty.

Vanessa said...

These are so great! Thank you for joining in with us :)

Amy said...

So glad you joined us and so impressed too given your condition!

Rachel Eggum Cinader said...

Thank you Amy for making such pretty dresses for girls around the world! God bless you!

Kimminita said...

Love them all but the bottom one caught my eye!