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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 month, 2 months and all the latest happenings!

So I've gotten behind with posting. I've had really good intentions! But before its time to post 3 month pictures I thought I better at least get a couple 1 month and 2 month pictures on here!
Here's Lillie at 1 month! Yes she holds her little head up like this ALL the time! She's just so nosey and thinks she'll miss something!
She's about 6 weeks in these pictures! We started using our Bum Genius diapers and LOVE them! I have to admit I was a little intimidated by them, but they are EASY to use! I'm so thankful that I am able to be home so that we can use them. I think they are just so darned cute! They make her little tiny butt look huge!

She just loves her tummy time:)

(the quilt was the first quilt that I ever made! it was made by my mom and me using Eleanor Burns Quilt In A Day book. and yes it was made in one day! but it took us about 1 week to quilt it, by hand, in a huge snow storm! made in 1996. )

Lillie at 2 months exactly! In her sweet little smocked dress that I made for her while I was waiting for her to get here!
 Daddy just adores me! And I adore him!

We had to take the camera to church and have a friend take a picture of us! But just this week I got a tripod and a remote for my camera! Can't wait to use them!
Last week Mr F took the week off of work and we headed to Tybee Island! I just love that place! It was wonderful! Nice and breezy and just soooooo relaxing!

Lillie just loved lying out on the beach! I just love love love her little bikini!

She loved the water! I figured that she would, she loves bath time!

I just love this one!

Lillie and I had the same feelings about leaving the beach! We didn't want to!

That trip was so relaxing and such a welcome getaway!
Things have been great around here! Just the normal stresses of a new baby. But she sleeps well, from 10ish pm-4-5ish am! I can handle that! Still nursing well too! At her 2 month check up she was up to 10.9lbs from 7.3 at birth!
We've had two trips back to VA! She's such a good traveler! Which is a good thing since mommy and daddy are always traveling! This summer we have a few more trips coming up, of course to VA, a trip to the NC mountains with family, and then another work conference for Mr F (that Lillie and I get to tag along for) like the one that we went to Canada last year for but this year will be in Minnesota. That will be her first flight! Hope it goes as well as the car! 
I have been doing a little sewing when I can while she naps! 
I've also been doing a little gardening when I can too! We have the veggie garden looking great right now! And I'm trying to decide what I'll be entering in the flower show this weekend! Our Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival will be this weekend! I can't wait! Its been so much fun being on the planning committee. I will be back next week with pictures from the garden tours and flower show!  
Hopefully see you all next week!
Oh and today I feel really really old! My baby, my oldest baby that is got her drivers license! I'm happy for her, but I'm terrifed too! And it made me cry like a baby!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Bless you with a teenager and a new baby! Lillie is so sweet! I hope you have seen some of the pictures of my Grandson. He is almost two months and so cute!! He is a big boy and loves his Grandma. I'm heading to see him tomorrow. So nice to hear how happy you are. hugs, Linda

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I also meant to tell you that my daughter is going to start using Bum Genius diapers soon. Glad to know you like them!

Needled Mom said...

Glad to read that all is going so well. Life is busy anyways and adding a new little angel makes it all the more challenging.

Denise L. Gregory said...

LOVED seeing Lillie's pictures! She is such a doll-baby. And it sounds to me like you're getting plenty done in the "swiss cheese" free time you've got!!

I remember that storm in '96. I was pregnant w/my younger daughter, feeling nauseous & I remember my hubby & older daughter making a tunnel in the snow. That's the year it was so deep that we didn't get mail for almost a week, and that never happens up here in PA.

p/s My "babies" are 19 & almost 15-- ugh talk about feeling old!! heehee And I'm dreading doing that whole driving thing again!!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Hi Robin! Lillie is just beautiful!! I know your having the time of your life with her! My two were beach babies Hannah's favorite thing was to eat sand!!...eeek!
big hugs,

Jojo said...

Robin, She's beautiful!!!