Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I had microdermabrasion done today. It was unlike anything that I have ever done before. I don't know anything to compare it to to even describe. It did not hurt. My skin feels great. The little blackheads that were always around my nose are now gone. I go on Monday for my second laser hair removal treatment. I have an appointment for a chemical peel in 3 weeks.
I am doing things for me. I feel like for so long I've done everything for everyone else. Now its time to pamper me and do the things that I want to do. I have started excercising everyday. So far I've lost 8 pounds. I feel a little more toned. I'm getting excited about Jamaica, that is my big motivation. I just hope that I keep it up. It will be easier for me to since I will be home everyday starting next week. Of course I'll be working but I will be coming home everyday, unlike before.

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