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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I did today

I like my aprons to be full aprons. Only because I tend to make more messes up top than down below. And I have several half aprons and I saw a makeover for them here. This is one talented lady! You have to go check out her blog! So I found this top on the clearance rack at Target for $4.98. And at first sight I knew it would be perfect!

I cut the sides and removed the back. The back of the neck had the cute little ties already so I left those in place.

And then I added the apron that I had made about a year ago.

Then I found this t shirt at Target for $4.98 as well. Go here to see my inspiration for this tshirt makeover. She has so many makeovers that are just too cute!
I started cutting before I took the picture, woops!

I shortened the waste line and made the neck opening a little bit bigger.

Then I took some of the left over fabric from the neck and made a rosette. I also had some green jersey left over from another project a long time ago, so I added a rosette with that.

And I bunched some up in a line and sewed it across the bottom of the left side.

I have a few more tshirts that are going to be madeover this week too!

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Hotsy Totsy!!! Well done!!! I love em all!!!!!