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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ready for Some Gardening!

So I've been thinking alot about gardening. I can't wait to get started! But somehow during our move all of my little garden tools, tote, and gloves were misplaced. I do still have all of the big tools! So I guess this means I get to do some shopping, cause I can't garden without the proper equipment. Right?

Now I can just see me in my garden now with my awesome pink garden tote full of tools and seeds!

And of course I'd have to have some fiskars garden tools, they are so pretty I would almost hate to get them dirty. Almost:)

Then I also have to have some new pruners as well. There are lots of bushes that need to be pruned around here and these look like just the tools to do the job!

And of course I'd have to have my new gloves! Pink to match the bag, don't you think?

Of course I'd have to take care of my hands after all of that gardening:) This is the yummiest! It is so soft and it does not have a strong scent!

I've joined the Town and Country Garden Club here in town. I'm so excited! We have our next meeting on Tuesday. Now if spring would just get here, I'd be all set!

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Anonymous said...

Too funny. Prior to clicking on your blog I was planning out my gardens. The difference is I am in NJ and have a much longer wait than you do before getting started. Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures once spring has sprung!

- Deborah