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Thursday, January 14, 2010

We've been getting off easy! or should I say cheap?

Since we moved here in June, our gas bill has been the same every month. My husband and I are smart people, but it never occurred to us that we were only paying around $30 a month for gas. Even in the colder winter months! Today, the very nice gas man came to my door to inform me that our meter was broken and he replaced it with a new one. But it was nice of him to wait until the temperature started to go back up in the 50's rather than the 20's we've been having!
See the pictures below, this is what my neighborhood has looked like for the last week. We got about an inch of snow with ice mixed in and it stayed for a whole week! So not the norm for Atlanta! The kids even got 2 1/2 snow days out of it, I think that's one for the records here!

So next month our gas bill will be around $150, give or take. Guess we get to refigure the budget!

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Paula said...

Lucky you! I'm soooo dreading our next heating bill:(