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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed in in Atlanta!

For the past four days I've been snowed in. Rather iced in! It's rare for Atlanta to be so cold and have so much white stuff on the ground! I know that it's been a joke on the news about how many people live in Atlanta and how many snow plows we have. But we don't get that much snow, when we do it's usually gone the next morning and never needs to be plowed. I'd rather not have to pay more taxes to pay for equipment that is going to just sit here and not be used and have pay to store it.
So I've been at home since Sunday. Mr F couldn't make it out to work 2 days, and missed a business trip because flights were cancelled. The city basically closed down!
Since I'm not, shall we say very graceful, and I'm almost 8 months preggo, I've decided it best that I not get out to get any pictures or do anything else for that matter. So the pics that I do have were taken by Mr F or by me standing in the doorway.
It amazes me to see people's excitement about the snow when they never see it! It doesn't get me all excited anymore. They don't sell sleds here in the stores, there's really no need. So you see anything and everything that can be used to go down a hill! Including rubbermaid tote lids, trash bags, cardboard boxes and my personal favorite and oh how I wish I had a picture of this, a kayak tied to a rope being pulled by a pickup truck! Looked like so much fun that I really wanted to get out there for that one!
So I've been sewing to pass the time! I've made a few crib sheets using this tutorial, a cloth diaper, and I've started knitting a strawberry hat for Miss Lillie. I've also finished up her baby quilt, a banner for her room and smocked a dress for her! I have so many things to do before March 21! I'll post pics of the sewing later, blogger is acting up and not letting me post all of the pictures I wanted to.

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

So glad you are staying inside and safe! My daughter is 7 months pregnant and has been very careful also! Sounds like you are getting some fun sewing done for the new baby..Lillie did you say? Sweet name.