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Friday, July 10, 2009

Dining Room Table

In our new house we have a dining room, we didn't in the farm house. So, of course we didn't have a dining room table. My mom gave me her old oak table that we've had for more than twenty plus years. She had gotten a new Amish style table that seats twelve and this one had been sitting on her porch for a while. It needed some help, so after a gallon of high gloss white paint it went from this......

to this.......

Now I just need to find some chairs to go with it and I'll be all set! (She wouldn't let me have her chairs)

I also found out that my husband really does love me! He really, really does! Cause if he didn't he wouldn't have climbed on a chair and risked getting shocked twice to take this light down

so that I could make it look like this

I did not like the gold light at all! But I'm really lovin my black one! It looks like the expensive wrought iron ones, at least I think so!

Then I painted my pretty little colorful chickens just plain old white! I'm liking the whole black and white color scheme, with a touch of red, of course!

I'll be back tomorrow for more updates and pictures of what we've been doing around the house this week.

I just noticed that I posted two of the same pictures of the table, and I can't figure out how to get one of them off. Ooops!


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

I am sorry but I have to have it back now!!! Right now. Get it on a truck and bring it back home!

I love it and the light and you know I like white chickies!!


Amanda said...

It all looks great!

Fonville Farm said...

Thanks! Mom, I'm sorry, you know I don't have a truck and it just won't fit in the Jetta! So I guess it has to stay here! Besides Daddy said you didn't need anything else in that house!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

What does your daddy know? Don't you know not to listen to him???