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Monday, July 13, 2009

More projects from last week!

Well, The Man went back to work today, or rather to the job that pays him:) He worked hard for me last week! And I enjoyed every second with him, but I was almost happy to see him go back to work today. My routine just gets all messed up with him here all day. He wants me to eat when he does, sit down when he does, go outside when he does, and then when I'm off somewhere doing something in another part of the house he's just like a child coming to see where I'm at and what I'm doing. I guess he's just checking to make sure that I'm still in the house! That's all nice and good, but after a while it gets a little irritating. I love spending time with him! We did have a really good time together though! The house is completely unpacked, put away and organized! I don't think we did too badly to get all of that done in 3 weeks, considering that I was out of town about half of that time and he was out of town a few days as well! So today I'm just relaxing a bit and getting ready to leave tomorrow to go back to work for the next two weeks, then I come back for a day and leave for the beach for a week! I will be away from my house for almost a month, I'm gonna miss it!

So here are a few more pictures of things that were done last week and I think that completes the show and tell for now, at least until I get some more done!

We hung the mirror over the fireplace mantle. I remember hanging it in the farm house, I think we got into an argument. This is a big, very heavy mirror! He just doesn't understand why I like it! I love mirrors! I love mirrors every where! Big ones with big fancy frames!
Notice anything about this mirror, or the way its hung? Now I'm married to an engineer and whenever we hang anything the level comes out and the ruler and everything is measured and calculated and done properly. Now when it's just me hanging something it goes where ever it looks right at and if I don't hit a stud then I add a few more nails and it holds it! I've never had any problems! But if you notice the mirror is a little off center, by a few inches! But do you think I'm stupid enough to say anything? Nope! Not me! I'm waiting for him to notice! And when he does, he'll have to fix it, but not because I asked him to, because he'll just have too!
This was bought at Joanne Fabrics a few years ago for like $0.50. I got two! That's all that was left! I've used them filled with ice for drinks at cookouts and parties. But I wasn't digging the yellow anymore, so with a little bit of spray paint, this went from this to........


I still have to paint the other one, it was in the garden shed and needed to be cleaned up before painting.

Hope you all have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by!

That is so funny about the mirror, I wonder how long it will take him to notice. ;) Love your bucket, that is a fabulous idea!

Amanda said...

Someone hung a deer head way off center one day when I wasn't home. I suffered through it for a few months then fixed it myself one day when he was at work. He never even noticed that I moved it.