Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My new love!

Photoshop Elements 7! That's right, this is my new love! It's taking me some time to learn how to use it, I think I need to get a book! I have a great camera that takes some very good pictures, when the operator knows what she's doing, but with my new photoshop I can make my pictures look even better!

Don't you just love them? I do! Now I can't wait to get some great shots at the beach in a few weeks!


Jeanneoli said...

I have photoshop and think it is so hard to understand that my husband just got me Elements...hopefully it will be a little simpler. It is so fun to play around with the photos.

Anne Marie said...

well hey! it's super nice to meet you and am so glad to see you are enjoying your camera (i love mine!)

peace and blessings!

Cathy said...

Your photos are gorgeous!!! Whatever you are doing keep it up!!!