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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A few more finished projects!

I've been very busy the last couple of weeks doing some painting! I started out with these beauties.....

They were purchased at The Goodwill for under $5 for all of them! A can of white spray paint and a can of black spray paint and this is what they became.....

Then I started on this cabinet. It was fine white, but I wanted something different. So I painted it with a high gloss black on the outside and a light blue satin on the inside, it was called Comes the Dawn. I think it turned out perfect!
Since that cabinet turned out so well, I decided to go on and tackle the china cabinet. I'm so glad that I did! I bought this at an antique store in Floyd about 3 years ago for $150. It was old and it smelled. But only on the inside, so everything had to be washed as soon as you got it out. So this is how it turned out....Definitely needs some help, don't ya think?

I did run into some trouble on this one though. The black paint ran and ran! I ended up having to get a sander and sand it off and repaint. What a pain! But it turned out great after that!

Now I've just gotta clean the glass and get all of my dishes back in there! I'm done with painting for a few weeks! I'm going to VA for a few days and then when I get back, I'm painting the kitchen cabinets!
And at some point I'll have to start looking for a job, I'm officially a GA state licensed RN, as of today!


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Well you go Mrs. GA RN!!

Looks great!! I have plenty of painting for you to do while in Va too. Wouldn't want you to get out of practice!!!

Leslie said...

Looks Beautiful!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

The china cabinet looks great! Very sophisticated! Isn't spray paint wonderful! All those little items look soooo much better now!