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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flower arranging

I'm not much on silk flowers, never have been and I don't even have any in my home. Or at least I didn't before this week. I went to my new FAVORITE place, Hobby Lobby! They were having a sale and had the silk flowers 50% off. I saw some that I really liked and I couldn't resist! I had this basket sitting in the closet, it was painted gold, ugh! So with some white spray paint (forgot to take the before pictures) and my new flowers this is what I ended up with. I just love the colors! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers!


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Just lovely!!!!!

I want some!


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Hahahahaha! Momplogi!!!

I wasn't aware of where my curser was and plogi was my word verification....tehhee

Fonville Farm said...

too funny!

Ashley said...

very cute! Hobby Lobby is my all time favorite store! I miss having one around so much!!!

Anonymous said...
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