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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This post comes with a warning!

Warning: before you read this post I have to get a few things straight! I am in no way prejudice or judgemental or scared of someone with a life threatening disease. This post is written just because this was just too funny not to share! Please remember that I am a nurse and I know how to protect myself from certain diseases and therefore I am not afraid to go to the grocery store or Target for fear of catching something!
Last night, my dear Mr F called me from PA where he is on a business trip and asked me to meet a man and his wife at Target with an item that he sold them on craigslist. I'm not a person that scares easily, so I told him I would, especially since its a man and his wife. He told me what they would be driving and we were to meet in Target parkinglot. Target here is always busy!
So the said pickup truck pulled in beside me and there were two men in the truck not a man and wife. The man got out and came toward me, slurring his words like Otis on The Andy Griffith Show! "You must be Eric's wife". We made our exchange and then for the next 20 minutes I stood there deciding how I was going to kill my husband!
First of all, this man was probably about 6'4", slender with a beer gut, long greyish red hair in a ponytail, dirty blue jean cutoffs, a t-shirt, muddy workboots with dirty white knee socks. And he wreaked of pot and alcohol!
He proceeded to tell me that he had the f#@&ing Aids! (everyother word was the f word)! He continued, "Are you afraid of my f-ing Aids?, Can't you tell I have the f-ing Aids?, Don't you see the f-ing A on my forehead?, Aren't you scared to stand there, won't you catch my f-ing Aids?" All the time I was just looking at him thinking how can I get back in my car and leave. The other guy was standing beside his truck talking on his phone.
I told the man that I was a nurse and no I was not afraid of him and his Aids. His response was "Why can't you teach that to the rest of the f-ing world!" He has been HIV positive for 20 years. Which is amazing! He then told me that his wife of three years was also HIV positive for 20 years. Then, "We've been married for three years, we got married 1month and 2 weeks after we met. Do you have a f-ing problem with that if you do you can kiss my f-ing a$$!" Me, "No I think its wonderful that you two have each other." All the time thinking I'm divorcing my husband!
He then told me that he had been arrested 4 different times for DUI's when he wasn't drinking, it was his Aids meds, but that he was only arrested because the f-ing redneck cops around here know he has Aids and is trying to punish him for that.
He tells everyone within 5 minutes of meeting them that he has Aids. He said that he tells people in the grocery store checkout line that he has Aids, because it is his mission to educate people about Aids.
His friend finally got in the truck cranked it and started to back up, that is how I got away!
I'm sorry, but if it is his mission to educate people about Aids, he has no idea how to do it! I was not scared of the fact that he had Aids, I was scared of the fact that he was being absolutely obnoxious, drunk, and high.
I called my husband and told him a few choice words, and I will not be helping out with anything that he chooses to sell on craigslist ever again! We would be getting divorced had he sent the man to our house!
I can laugh about this today, but last night I couldn't!
I should add that I had just come from a memorial service and was still dressed up!


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh honey I can just see you out there in the Atlanta Target parking lot looking all prissy and perturbed at this man all up in your business!! If only I could have been a bug on the bumper of his truck to get a birds eye view of this!!!!

You are right you can laugh about it now but I would have been yelling "Sacuritie""Sacuritie" (teh hee) last night! hahaha!!!!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I think I would have hit the panic button on my key ring!!! You're a saint taking on the hubby's deliveries.

Mary said...

Oh no! That's crazy! I can't even imagine!

(But don't get rid of that husband of yours. He's a nice guy!) :-)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

O-M-G! Yes, my hubby would be in BIG trouble had he done that to me! Glad you can laugh about it today and I am sorry to say, I laughed for you too!

Especially glad you made it out safely!!

Erin said...

Okay, I'm trying so hard not to is funny, you're right. But your husband used up all of his "Honey, can you do me a favor?"s in one fell swoop with this one, that is for sure!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

It sounds a bit like this man had some mental health issues or enjoys intimidating people. I wasn't aware you could educate people with the use of cuss words.

Your experience sounds scary. I'm pretty brave and it would have scared me too.

Needled Mom said...

Being a nurse myself, it would NOT have been the Aids I was worried about either. scary!!!! Glad it all worked out okay.

Nancy M. said...

Wow! I would have had a cow! That would have scared me just cause of the way he was acting! Glad you're okay!