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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I can't wait!!

Mr F has a business trip coming up in October, and like many of his trips I get to tag along! Of course this isn't going to be one of those boring trips like it usually is or one of the trips back home that I always tag along so that I can see my family while he works. This trip is going to be so exciting!
We are going to Montreal! That's right! Montreal! We will first be flying into Burlington, VT! Vermont in the fall! I've always wanted to go there and now I get to! He has vacation days that he is going to use at the end of the trip so that we can do some of the touristy things. Besides it's not often that my husbands job takes him anywhere other than the east coast and a few mid west states, never out of the country!
After meeting Mary on my last trip, it makes me look at vacations a little differently! I start trying to remember which bloggers live close by where I'm going and would I be able to meet someone!
So let me know if any of you live close enough that we might could meet up!
Even if I don't get to meet any bloggy friends, I'll still come home with some great pictures, Vermont Maple Syrup and probably some fabric!:)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a wonderful trip! Montreal is so beautiful! Do you have a passport? I had to have one last time I went to Canada. Vermont will also be beautiful and you will have so much fun!!

Mary said...

How exciting! New England in the fall is GORGEOUS!!! I've never been to Canada, so that's really exciting! Take lots of pictures for us!

The Hobbit said...

Vermont is one of our favorite getaway places.October should be foliage season and the colors will be beautiful.Montreal is bi-lingual but,the french side appreciates an attempt at french speaking.I haven't been since a passport was required.Trips to Montreal were spur of the moment things as french is our first language and now getting a passport hasn't happened.Have a great time!