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Monday, September 20, 2010

Best Buy has lost me forever!

That's right! Best Buy has lost me and my family as customers FOREVER!
Last week, I took my laptop (which I did not buy there) in to be repaired by the Geek Squad. I purchased it online through Dell about 3 years ago. I've been very happy with it. But the battery stopped charging and then last week it was not getting any power at all. So I thought since I live 5 minutes from Best Buy, I would give them my business, instead of dealing with the hassle of shipping it back to Dell. BIG MISTAKE!
First of all, I keep all of my embroidery designs and photos on jump drives. The Geek Squad tech wanted me to purchase an external hard drive to back up everything, but only the things that I already have copies of. So I declined. I payed $35 to ship it off. This weekend I got a call from someone telling me to call the store that I dropped the computer off at and they would give me an estimate. The estimate was $285 for a new power source and a new hard drive. My hard drive was just fine when I took it in. My husband took over at this point, he knows more about these things than I do. No one could tell us anything about my computer except that it was not in front of them and that I could call this number and find out something. Our only questions were "What was wrong with the hard drive?",  and "Was it recoverable?". How else were we to make an informed decision? If I had to start over from scratch then it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a new computer. But with each person that we reached, we got the same answers, "Your computer is not in front of me, I'm not sure where it is." "Can we speak to someone who has seen our computer or can you get a message to them?" "No, we can't do that, we never talk to them and they will not talk to customers."
So my computer is on its way back to me, my husband will fix the power problem and if I need a new one, it will NOT be purchased at Best Buy!
I just feel like this is very poor customer service. We should be able to get our questions answered. It's almost as if they expect you to not have questions and just spend your money because they say that you should. But Best Buy you came across the wrong customers this time!
My daddy has always said that he did not like Best Buy and would not go back there. He and my mom bought a new refrigerator and dishwasher there and both were duds! It's not the fault of the store, just the appliances. I guess I'm with my daddy on this now, no more Best Buy for me either!

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Victoria said...

I've been warned by many people not to deal with Best Buy, if anything goes wrong with the product they ship it off to outsourced companies. Sorry you had to go thru that and I hope your computer's ok!!!