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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What a wonderful Christmas! It has been an absolute blessing to be able to spend time with my family. Of course all of the great food was nice too:) My dear husband was so generous and thoughtful this year, as always. He gave me a down jacket, an immersion blender, an enamal coated cast iron frying pan, a pink t shirt that has a tractor on it, a white gold necklace with a heart and a set of family rings that are white gold with his, Morgan's and my birthstones. He said that they were left individual to be able to add too them easily. The jeweler made a mistake with them, so I get them in a few days. Morgan gave me a picture album with some beautiful pictures that she had her cousin take of her, I love it. She is so beautiful. She also made me some pot holders. She did an absolute beautiful job. My mom and dad gave me a grinding mill and a bag of wheat, bread pans, round cake pans, a pink john deere sweatshirt, cook book, crocheted dish cloths.
I can't wait to use my grinder! I also can't wait for things to start to get back to normal around here so I can start some new projects.
My sister got her first sewing machine, she is so excited. I am so excited for her. She also got her very first computer, which will be here in about a week. She is so excited to have email and to get on MaryJane's farm. She's a little tired of hearing my mom and I talk about it, so now she gets to as well.
I hope that you all had as wonderful a Christmas as our family did.

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