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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wow, I have been busy this week. I made a trip to Winchester, in the snow (the first one of the year), to make a beautiful basket with Joanna. I will definately be going back, it was so much fun. I got my stampin up kit, and have not had any time to play with it yet, but I will tomorrow and this week. I have just about all of my Christmas presents. There are still a few that I still need to make, and of course I still need to wrap them. The tree is up and decorated.
We had our Farm girl cookie exchange this afternoon. And oh can these girls bake. I have never had such wonderful cookies, and all at one time. We had a wonderful time. Our next meeting we start our quilt blocks. I'm so excited.
Tomorrow I will be going to Bonnie's to work on my stamps and make some cards and projects. Then we leave on Monday to go to Norfolk for a meeting for Eric's work. We will be home on Friday. I am happy to have some time with him, however I will miss Morgan. But she is 13 and acts like she does not need me anymore. I know she does, I just wish she wanted to.

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Pete Moss said...

Worry not, for all is one. There is no separation that is not illusion, not even between the yams and baked ham on a holiday plate.

This is Reality talking!