Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I did not post that Eric wrecked his car two weeks ago. He rear ended someone who slammed in on their brakes as they hit a deer. So we are down to one car and the little garden truck. No one can even look at the car until the first week of February.
I really don't like my job, even to the point that I considered traveling back to Fredericksburg again. But I don't want to leave my family and my home. So I have to find other ways to make money so that I can be done with the hospital. I am working on getting my Stampin'Up business going. And while I work on that I am going to be selling off alot of the clutter and things that I don't use or wear anymore, on ebay.
I know that it sounds like I'm complaining about my job alot, I'm just venting. I don't like to keep things that bother me inside. I thank God everyday for the privelage of having a job, especially when so many people have lost theres. I just want to be able to find the right one for me and my family.

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