Tales of a Georgia Peach!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh, I have been so busy. I've been sewing, making aprons, Christmas ornaments, and pillows. I also downloaded an embroidery design to make paper dolls. They are adorable. I am making some for my niece for Christmas. As soon as I get some pictures of them I will post them. The house smells so wonderful, with my most favourite thing, pumpkin pie. I made 2 of them for tonight. We are having dinner at my mom and dad's. Tomorrow I head back to work, but before I go to work I am going to have dinner with a former patient and his family. They are such wonderful people and they thought about me being out of town for the holiday and invited me to have dinner with them and their family. How sweet and thoughtful.
That is one thing that I can say about being in Fredericksburg, I have met some wonderful people. I will miss my co workers and the patients. I will definately be back for a visit.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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