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Friday, November 9, 2007

We've gone wireless

I'm so excited, we have gone wireless. Now I can use my computer in my sewing room. So while I'm using my embroidery machine I can be on the internet, watching Grey's Anatomy or surfing Mary Jane's Farm:) I've started on some Christmas presents. This time of year is so much fun, I love to decorate. This year I want a real homemade farmgirl Christmas.
I had my embroidery class today, I learned a little. It's soooo overwhelming. Oh well, I'll just keep at it, I have 4 more classes to go to.
I've been in a funky mood today and I don't know why. My day started off great but later on I started to just feel blah. I don't like feeling like this, I'm a happy person.
Oh well, I get to go stamping tomorrow and meet someone new. Hopefully that will cheer me up. And I always have my balloon ride and farmgirl party to look forward to.
Still working on the pictures.
Have a lovely night.

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Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Smile sweatheart God love's you and so do I.